Menü Kapat

About Us

Clothes that mean business

We have opened up to the world with our tailoring experience of more than 30 years, and as we bring world brands to your feet, we design suits, jackets and clothes with specially selected fabrics. Our clothing designs serve to 18 countries in the world, especially Turkey and America.


As Telli Fashion, we have been operating on textiles for 30 years in Istanbul, Turkey. We prepare the best service at affordable prices according to the wishes of our customers with the highest quality and we cooperate for the best as we do with dozens of our customers. Our only goal is to always offer the best by concentrating on quality. We are currently working with 250 people in this journey, which we started as a special suit in 1992 with 2 people.

In our current activities;

200,000 pieces of clothing per week

It produces 350 tons of fabric per month.

In addition to 250 qualified workers working in our Production Factory, Telli Fashion employs 1 Environmental Engineer, 1 Mechanical Engineer and 2 Textile Engineers who are experts in their fields.

Telli Fashion works with an average capacity of 300 tons per month with its 80 knitting machines and produces 100% polyester knitted fabrics. Telli Fashion, which undergoes quality control from the beginning to the end of every job it produces, sends these products to the country and abroad.

Production line

Telli Fashion dyes all of the 300 tons of fabric it produces monthly with 80 machines. All products are painted in the desired quality and color according to the customer’s preference, and the process is accelerated with our 2 professional Stenter Machines and the product is delivered quickly.

Quality control

Being able to control its own quality, Telli Fashion continuously controls every gram of fabric it produces by working 7×24. 10 tons per day, 300 tons per month, each slice of fabric passes the tests and is delivered to our customers with the assurance of Telli Fashion.


The products coming out of our factory are produced in accordance with European, SGS and EOKOTEKS standards, with methods that do not harm people and nature. The laboratory process, which proceeds under the control of 1 expert engineer and 2 chemists, is completed by selecting and determining the color sample that the customer wants to be applied, and producing it in the desired amount by expert personnel.

It is determined by the spectrometer whether the color produced and the colors in the customer’s sample match exactly. If the spectro values ​​match the color received and the values ​​in the sample, the shipping process starts.

Specialized personnel in their fields are employed in our SGS laboratory and they control every stage of the production process.

Design – R&D

Telli Fashion creates both original and sample-based designs with its 2 graphic designers and pattern designers who are experts in their fields.